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Shyam agro seeds private limited is a company with a dedication to local and suitable agriculture Since our beginning on 18th February 22. Shyam agro seeds Pvt. Ltd. Offers a white range of seed’s that large companies have overlooked, maintaining many rare and heritage selections.


Shyam Agro Seeds Company is In The Business Of Serving The Farming Community With Care And Responsibility In India And Beyond.


Shyam Agro Seeds Company, as The Name Suggests, Will Remain Focused To Deliver Research Based Customized Biological Tools For Sustained Productivity.


Shyam Agro Seeds Company will Provide Innovative Solutions To Improve Farm Output Through High Quality Seeds, Novel Crop Protection And Aquaculture Inputs.

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Shyam Agro Seeds Company will Strive For Customer Delight By Continuous Innovation And Integrity Of Purpose In All Our Actions.


We Shall Be Committed To Achieve Consistent Growth Driven By Superior Performance, Empowerment And Speed Of Action.


We Shall Work Together As A Team In An Open And A Learning Environment.

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